TurnKey Trader Guarantee


In order to qualify for the TurnKey Trader Money Back Guarantee, you must check the box on the order form stating that you agree to the following:

I agree to trade using the proprietary rules of engagement set forth and taught by Academy Day Trading, LLC. The rules are available to me via the Members Area on the TurnKey Trader website.

If the TurnKey Trader Suite of Indicators alone does not present enough qualified opportunities, in the TF, EMD, FDAX or CL markets, within THE FIRST 30 DAYS to cover it's cost, then I can formally request that 100% of my purchase price be returned.

To qualify for the guarantee I understand and agree to the following requirements:

  1. One must have entered 3 contract orders for all available qualified trades during market hours.*
  2. Order entries which do not qualify according to all of the TurnKey Trader rules for a given setup are disqualified.
  3. Certified statements from your broker are required.

* Available trades are defined as market conditions which present an opportunity to take the appropriate DPI entry price according to the TurnKey Trader rules of engagement. Qualification and appropriate entry price is defined in the Money Management Strategy and Master Rules.

TF & EMD market hours are 9:30am to 4:15pm Eastern time. FDAX exchange hours are 4am to 12:30pm Eastern time, and CL market hours are 9am to 2:30pm Eastern time.