19 Year Trader Finally Releases His
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How to Start Trading
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The SMART Indicator marks every qualified trade, with entry price, right on the screen.


What will Turnkey Trader Do for ME?

  • Learn how extremely simple this proprietary software is to download and start trading in less than 30 minutes. Plotting entry and stops for you.
  • Learn our secrets on how to reduce risks and keep losses small.
  • How to create an action plan that will help you move with confidence and success from practice trades to funded trades.
  • How to trade with a small account, even if you have no experience in the market or are currently only a buy-and-hold stock investor.
  • A proven rules-based trading system that uses 1 simple approach, and proprietary indicators that consistently produce market-clobbering gains. Keeping you safe from market noise.
  • And so much more….

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  • FREE Bonus Report #1: Why a Broker Makes You Broker (value: $37). Details the 7 reasons why you should never trade with a broker. Instead, use your own computer and place your own trades at an online brokerage house. Avoid costly commission charges, maintenance fees, and bad trading advice from brokers who are salespeople, not expert traders.
  • FREE Bonus Report #2: The 21 Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Master the Market (value: $37). Covers the most common mistakes beginning traders and even some seasoned veterans make that result in less-than-optimal trading results. Includes the best 30 minutes of the day to trade the market. Plus: a simple way to limit your risk on every position.
  • FREE Bonus Report #3: The 7 Myths of Trading the Market (value: $37). Do you have to be Stephen Hawking to trade options or futures? Is trading impossible for people who have a 9 to 5 job? Is trading the market no better than gambling? In this report, we demolish the myths – and reveal the encouraging truth about multiplying your profits in the market with trading.
  • FREE Bonus Report #4: The 7 Key Principles for Successful Trading (value: $37). Apply these 7 simple but proven ideas and use them to start making regular profits from the market so you can: afford a new car … buy a vacation home … travel the world and stay at first-class resorts … pay college tuition for your kids or grandkids … buy jewelry, clothes, or whatever your heart desires … and retire secure for life!

Here's What Our Students Have To Say

"It's made me much more comfortable, put me at ease, made me more confident in the trades that I place." -Gregory S. Olympia WA
"Whatever it is they're looking to do, to travel, whatever it is, you can have more control of your life." -Jenifer H. Dallas TX
"The trade management I think is very clear and important" -David G. Centennial CO

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